Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Moo business cards are here!!

I'm so excited. My very first set of business cards from Moo just arrived in the mail!!! Lalalalaaa.! I should be folding laundry but instead I jumped online to share my fun news. I tried Moo's Printfinity option and chose 11 of my favorite images to use on my business cards. I love this idea because it allows you to carry around  a mini portfolio of your work in your purse, that you can take out and show as you offer someone your card: "pick a card any card". Too cool!
I am also waiting on my very first set of postcard mailers from Overnight Prints. I couldn't resist the 30% off winter sale their where offering, on their already amazing prices.  And I liked the selection of postcard sizes and edges (rounded or not)  from which to choose.  Many other illustrators I admire seem to be really happy with their quality. So I thought I'd give them a shot too.
This feels like Christmas! Yippeeee!

Let me know what you think of my shiny new business cards! I even got the cutest pink card holder for my purse.:)


Maureen said...

Awesome cards! When do I get a few for my wallet?

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Thanks Moe,
Come on over anytime- thanks for all the encouragement and support!


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