Friday, February 18, 2011

Lunch Box Love-part 4 and 5

Here is the lunch box love note that I sent in my boys lunches yesterday. It's a photo of my little daughter in dress-up army gear. Of course, she has to be like the big brothers, no princess dresses here. My oldest, who is an avid history buff, has created his own army troop, were each sibling has their own special rank. It's too cute to see them marching around the house like ducks in a row, saluting as they march past. 
They adore there little sister, so I thought they'd get a kick out of having a lunch love note from her, to express her love for them as she misses them so much when they are off at school all day long.

Here is today's lunch box love note. I didn't have much time this morning as my oldest was getting organized to head out to his first out of town hockey tournament, so I cheated a bit and used some handy-dandy scrapbooking stickers to make a fishing themed note. The kids are already counting down the days until we will be going back up to the family cottage  in the spring.

This has been a fun week creating lunch box love notes for my kiddies, and now that the week is ending I am busy thinking up ideas for next week. I guess I have reset the precedent now and my usual quick napkin notes will no longer cut it??! ;)

Thanks so much Holli Conger for creating the Lunch Box Love Challenge- we had a lot of FUN!!!

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