Thursday, February 17, 2011

IF "Sweater"

This week's theme for Illustration Friday is sweater. I immediately had this idea to do a little girl (OK it my darling daughter who posed ;)- too cute eh?!) in a cozy cable knit sweater making snow angels gleefully in the snow.
 I also wanted an opportunity to try making knitwear in plasticine. I was recently wowed by some polymer clay knit jewelery work featured on Polymer Clay Daily created by Claire Wallis. I know, amazing isn't it? So I thought it would be cool to try doing it in plasticine. I changed up the process a bit to suit the plasticine as it is much more malleable than polymer clay, but overall I am really happy with the result.
You know me, I love details and  textures, so this close-up illustration provided me with the perfect chance to play and create lots of authentic textures.
You will see it's process documented in another post that I will fill you all in on later on....exciting stuff.
I'd love your feedback as always!!


Patti said...

I like your mix of media. interesting.

heike said...

WOW, this is amazing. How can you actually knit with plasticine?
Iam looking forward to your process documentation!


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