Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fresh new look to match my new website!!

So this is the reason I have been so absent from my dear little blog lately.....I'm finally putting a proper website together.  Here is a sneak peek of my new portfolio website, well a screen shot of the top half of the "Home" page at least. I am so excited to share it with you all, but it isn't quite finished yet. I hope to launch it next week if all goes as planned!
We've had a case of the stomach flu hit the family so fingers crossed it doesn't make the rounds to all of us and slow down my momentum!
I am using the Headway theme from Wordpress and it has been tons of fun playing around with it.

I wanted to have the same look and feel on both my website and this blog. But since it looks a little more complicated  to make the switch from Blogger to WP, I've decided  to stay put and just match it up as best I can for the time being.
So I switched templates, customized it a bit by changing the background to my cool plasticine image, re-sized my cute header, and changed some fonts and colours and voila!
What do ya think?
I hope everyone will please check out my website once it goes live at, and give lots of constructive crit.s and comments too.

It looks like Febuary is going to be a busy month with artwork that has been put on the back burner while I've been getting the website put together so I promise to have lots of artwork illustrations to show soon!:)


Beth Tate said...

Wow Suzanne, you make it all sound so simple to adjust this, alter that, chage a colour here and there and voila...but I can just imagine how much has occur to make it all "fit". Your site looks terrific so far, and I like the header colour you selected.
Hope you can stay clear of the flu - easy for me to say, we don't have the same activity level in our house as you have in yours!
Look forward to your site launch.

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Hey Beth, thanks for the visit. Well so far so good (maybe I just jinxed myself) but only the kiddos have been stricken so far. Of course one at a time- geesh. Hope everyone is well!

Tania Cagney said...

Your website looks great, Suzanne! I just wish you made the banner as big as what you have here in your blog, but other than that, everything's perfect. Btw, I have a friend who also started with a blog, but she eventually launched her own site. She hired Ohio website design experts to help her with the tough task of switching. According to her, it was worth all the efforts because having her own site gave her more credibility. Was it the same to you?


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