Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April 1st! April 2015 Desktop calendar

With the last bits of snow gradually melting away on the odd warm-ish day of these crazy Canadian (fluctuating) temps, our backyard rink has been appropriately  renamed "the pool". In the garden the first daffodil sprouts  have started popping up. Spring is here- yay! 
I thought a Spring-y desktop calendar was just right for this month. This spot illo comes from a spread in Skink on the Brink where Stewie travels through the changing seasons from his home pond to a far away pond.  Along the way he also changes in colour from a juvenile black skink (with an amazing blue tail) to a grey adult skink. 
To download this desktop calendar, please click on the screen resolutions above then right-click on " save to desktop" to download.

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