Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!!!

Happy New Year!!! 

It's been a whirlwind of a year, both personally and  professionally. The kids are growing up so fast, with all the hockey/sports and activities sometimes I feel like, in the blink of an eye, another year has passed. It's times like these that I want to take a moment to reflect on all the awesome that I am blessed with - a wonderful hubby, 4 adorable kiddos, loving and supportive extended family, fantastic friends, and health and happiness.Yes, I guess I am feeling a little sappy and reflective, but due to recent events,  like the sudden and tremendously sad loss of my cousin, in a freak car accident, just days before Christmas, it really puts things into perspective, you know?  I am very thankful, and plan to live  in the moment even more, hug more, snuggle my kiddos more, and just "make more time" for the important  little things. 

 On the professional side things are moving forward in great directions. I illustrated my first picture book, Skink on the Brink, and had a fantastically fun Summer and Fall with Lisa Dalrymple travelling all over southern Ontario doing our  "Stewie and the Plasticine road show" to promote our book. We had a blast presenting at Word on the Street, Pinery Park's Savannah Festival, and Lisa and her husband Marc even drove down from Fergus to join me at the opening reception of CANSCAIP's PYI Gallery Show at Humber's L Space Gallery, where a few of my original illustrations from our book were on display.   I illustrated cover art for Marty Chan's awesome steampunk novel The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles, Demon Gate. I have an illustration contract for another picture book, and some awesome stuff going on behind the scenes that I can't share yet, so cross your fingers for me please ;).

 I feel so lucky to be able to work from home in my little studio, so I am available if a kiddo needs homework assistance or just wants to chat and hangout on the floor while I work. 

So, overall it's been a great year, thank you 2013!
2014, Bring it!!

To download a copy of this desktop calendar, simply click on the screen resolution you require then right click and "save to desktop". Enjoy! 
Wishing everyone a great 2014. 

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