Monday, July 30, 2012

August 2012 Desktop Calendar

Tada!! I have my August desktop calendar ready early! Ya Baby!- can you tell we have been watching Austin Powers around here?
I hope you have all been enjoying the summer so far. It's hard to believe it is already half over. My second oldest son has his 9th birthday tomorrow *sniff* my, they grow up so very fast.
 I few days ago I sent out a little request on FB asking which images come to mind when you think of summertime, and I was really pleased with your great responses. Thanks everyone.:) Lisa Dalrymple, the author of the picture book Skink on the Brink which I am currently illustrating, suggested I include some people, since I have been in "animal mode" lately. Great idea! So here is a boy doing a super-humongous leap into the lake- "KOWABUNGA!"
Nothing says summer more than kids having a fun time,  finding creative ways to beat the heat.:)

On the picture book front, my final artwork is coming along wonderfully. But unfortunately I can't share any sneak-peeks just yet. When I get more completed perhaps I can show a few close-ups or something, after I get the OK. And I can't wait to show you all!! I'm so proud of this project.

Enjoy the desktop calendar! To download simply click on the resolution you require, then right click on "save to desktop"- Cheers!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Guess what time it is? It's final artwork time!!

Yup, that's right, it is final artwork time!!! I'm so excited to get started on the plasticine art. Can you tell? It has been so quiet on the blog lately and I didn't even even get a chance to make a July desktop calendar- so sorry everyone, but we made a last minute dash to the cottage.

So this is what is going on over here. I've been mixing and kneading lots of plasticine. It's a great way to keep the arms toned ;) I also keep track of my ratios on a sheet of paper, a sort of mixing chart, so if I run out of a colour I can refer back to it and make it again.

I'm SOOO excited to get cracking on the plasticine art...I think I already said that, oh well. I still feel like I need to pinch myself most mornings because I feel so incredibly lucky and honoured to be working on this picture book project. The story is such a perfect fit. And I have had such a wonderful time bringing Stewie the skink to life in my sketches from Lisa Dalrymple's fab manuscript. I still have a few revisions awaiting approval, that might need further tweaking. It has been a great learning experience to go through my sketches with my editor, Christie Harkin. She gives great constructive feedback, and our brainstorming sessions always leave me feeling energized with tons of great ideas. She totally rocks!!
For those of you who follow me on FB, you may have noticed a bunch of Stewie(the real Stewie) pics that I shared yesterday from Lisa's recent trip to Pinery Park. She shot some fabulous photos of him. And it turns out, after lots of searching with the naturalist outdoors, Stewie surprised them all by hiding under a desk in their office. Stewie found Lisa! That silly Stewie :)


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