Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Guess what is now listed on Amazon?

It has been an exciting few days. I'm super excited to let you all know that Skink on the Brink(Fitzhenry & Whiteside, Spring 2013) is now listed on Amazon!! I must have danced around the kitchen for a full 30  minutes after I saw it. Here is a screen capture of it, just "cuz" :)

And I should also mention that my friend and the author of Skink on the Brink, Lisa Dalrymple just had the launch for her first picture book If It's No Trouble... a Big Polar Bear this past weekend in NL. Way to go Lisa, I can't wait get my hands on a copy. Here is the Amazon listing for it:
 I asked my editor, Christie Harkin if I might show the proposed final artwork for the cover.
So... here it is. Ta-da!! As you can see, Stewie the skink is quite the little character.  He even likes to dance, but you will have to wait until the Spring to see for yourself :)

So lots happening behind the scenes here. All of the interior artwork is almost finished, and ready to be photographed. I hope to share some sneak peeks with you really soon! Stay tuned...

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