Monday, July 30, 2012

August 2012 Desktop Calendar

Tada!! I have my August desktop calendar ready early! Ya Baby!- can you tell we have been watching Austin Powers around here?
I hope you have all been enjoying the summer so far. It's hard to believe it is already half over. My second oldest son has his 9th birthday tomorrow *sniff* my, they grow up so very fast.
 I few days ago I sent out a little request on FB asking which images come to mind when you think of summertime, and I was really pleased with your great responses. Thanks everyone.:) Lisa Dalrymple, the author of the picture book Skink on the Brink which I am currently illustrating, suggested I include some people, since I have been in "animal mode" lately. Great idea! So here is a boy doing a super-humongous leap into the lake- "KOWABUNGA!"
Nothing says summer more than kids having a fun time,  finding creative ways to beat the heat.:)

On the picture book front, my final artwork is coming along wonderfully. But unfortunately I can't share any sneak-peeks just yet. When I get more completed perhaps I can show a few close-ups or something, after I get the OK. And I can't wait to show you all!! I'm so proud of this project.

Enjoy the desktop calendar! To download simply click on the resolution you require, then right click on "save to desktop"- Cheers!

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