Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Break

We had a relaxing March Break, which considering our usual hectic schedule, was a very nice change. My oldest had a hockey tourny the first two days with Daddy, but apart from that it was wonderful to just stay close to home, bike ride, and spend time together enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.   We also took our annual March Break day trip to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. My boys(hubby included) love, LOVE anything to do with aviation, or military history etc. If you have never been to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, I highly recommend it! The kids can sit inside some of the planes and they also have simulators-very cool! We hope to go back in June to watch their annual air-show, we'd love to see the old Lancaster in action.
I also got a little work done too. Here is a little peek at my table top, I like to spread out all of my many reference photos when I sketch. Then I can quickly glance back and forth between them to get a better feel for the animal, yet continue to sketch organically. These are some rough thumbnail sketches for the book I am currently illustrating, "Skink on the Brink" by Lisa Dalrymple. I hope to share snippets from time to time, to share the process with you.

It is a balmy 19 C today so I think I will get a fresh mug of tea and take everything outside to the deck, to enjoy this warm won't last, I think we are due for frost in 2 days?? Crazy Canadian weather, eh? LOL ;)


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