Friday, July 29, 2011

FREE August 2011 Desktop Calendar

Can you believe August is just around the corner! Summer is half over already!! Boy that just flew by.
For this month's FREE desktop calendar I thought this summer themed illustration of a fun-loving Granny having tea time with her grandchildren would be the perfect fit!  Doesn't it make you want to go run barefoot in the grass to feel the blades tickle your toes? Too bad our grass is all yellow and straw-like due to the lack of rain in our area.Bummer! But we can image it. ;)
I love being able to spend more quality time with both sets of grandparents over the summer holidays. It really allows the kids and the rest of us to build lasting memories to cherish and have a good chuckle over when we reminisce.
As always, just click on the appropriate screen resolution link below the image to bring up the corresponding image size then right click and then left click on "set to background".

 Cheers to creating great summer memories with your family!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kids Cake 2011

This past weekend we held our annual Birthday BBQ bash to celebrate the kids birthdays. For this year I decided to create a cake depicting the kids doing their favorite cottage activities. They have all grown such confidence and learned new skills this summer both in and around the water. They have learned new paddling skills, snorkeled with fins, attempted fancy dock jumps, caught bigger fish than Grandpa off the dock and even learned some new swim strokes. So I thought this theme would be a great idea to celebrate and showcase their achievements.  Here are some pictures of the cake:

"crazy dock jumper- cowabunga!!!"

"determined fisherman"

"paddle snatcher in the dingy"

"super-engine on the dingy"

It was fun to make and after multiple attempts I finally figured out a way to suspend my dock jumper in mid air. Ha! The figures were make out of modelling paste, so they could each eat their own after we sang "happy birthday". Can I just say how much I prefer plasticine to modelling paste! But all in all, it was really worth it to see their happy little faces smiling and pointing out their achievments to each other and to friends.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Minicards as Bookmarks

I was very excited to see that my favorite printer MOO was offering a 30% off summer sale. Aren't there products just glorious? And I love their Printfinity option to get multiple images on the back of your products. Genius!What perfect timing, as I am in the midst of creating my summer promo mailers. So with a day to spare(as the sale ends tomorrow) I just finished placing my order. I created 2 different postcards and some minicards which I plan to fashion into cute little bookmarks. The above image is what will show on the back of my minicards, with my logo and info on the front. I am going to add a cute ribbon and bead detail at the top of each bookmark so it can easily keep ones spot in a favorite book of choice. You like?? I think I may be onto somethin' here...

Monday, July 11, 2011

IF- Stay

The good friends decided to stay for one more jump. The perfect end to a fun filled day.

I couldn't resist using this illustration for this weeks Illustration Friday topic "stay". I hope to do a series of illos with all of these little friends....they sure can get into mischief while seeking out adventure!
Short post as it's summer time and with 4 kidlets home it is kinda crazy around here! Happy summer everyone!


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