Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Moo business cards are here!!

I'm so excited. My very first set of business cards from Moo just arrived in the mail!!! Lalalalaaa.! I should be folding laundry but instead I jumped online to share my fun news. I tried Moo's Printfinity option and chose 11 of my favorite images to use on my business cards. I love this idea because it allows you to carry around  a mini portfolio of your work in your purse, that you can take out and show as you offer someone your card: "pick a card any card". Too cool!
I am also waiting on my very first set of postcard mailers from Overnight Prints. I couldn't resist the 30% off winter sale their where offering, on their already amazing prices.  And I liked the selection of postcard sizes and edges (rounded or not)  from which to choose.  Many other illustrators I admire seem to be really happy with their quality. So I thought I'd give them a shot too.
This feels like Christmas! Yippeeee!

Let me know what you think of my shiny new business cards! I even got the cutest pink card holder for my purse.:)

Facebook- finally!

Hi Everyone,
I am pleased to announce that I am finally on Facebook. Hahahah, I know, what the heck took me so long, I've been bugged by family and friends for years now. I wanted to start up a page for my illustration business, so that is really what got the fire lit under me. I am really loving Twitter, so I thought I might as well get my FB page going too.

If you get a change please check out my page, and "like" me if you like ;)

I've got annual check-ups at the Dr.s office today for all 4 kiddos at the same time, .....wish me luck, and lots of patience!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lunch Box Love-part 4 and 5

Here is the lunch box love note that I sent in my boys lunches yesterday. It's a photo of my little daughter in dress-up army gear. Of course, she has to be like the big brothers, no princess dresses here. My oldest, who is an avid history buff, has created his own army troop, were each sibling has their own special rank. It's too cute to see them marching around the house like ducks in a row, saluting as they march past. 
They adore there little sister, so I thought they'd get a kick out of having a lunch love note from her, to express her love for them as she misses them so much when they are off at school all day long.

Here is today's lunch box love note. I didn't have much time this morning as my oldest was getting organized to head out to his first out of town hockey tournament, so I cheated a bit and used some handy-dandy scrapbooking stickers to make a fishing themed note. The kids are already counting down the days until we will be going back up to the family cottage  in the spring.

This has been a fun week creating lunch box love notes for my kiddies, and now that the week is ending I am busy thinking up ideas for next week. I guess I have reset the precedent now and my usual quick napkin notes will no longer cut it??! ;)

Thanks so much Holli Conger for creating the Lunch Box Love Challenge- we had a lot of FUN!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

IF "Sweater"

This week's theme for Illustration Friday is sweater. I immediately had this idea to do a little girl (OK it my darling daughter who posed ;)- too cute eh?!) in a cozy cable knit sweater making snow angels gleefully in the snow.
 I also wanted an opportunity to try making knitwear in plasticine. I was recently wowed by some polymer clay knit jewelery work featured on Polymer Clay Daily created by Claire Wallis. I know, amazing isn't it? So I thought it would be cool to try doing it in plasticine. I changed up the process a bit to suit the plasticine as it is much more malleable than polymer clay, but overall I am really happy with the result.
You know me, I love details and  textures, so this close-up illustration provided me with the perfect chance to play and create lots of authentic textures.
You will see it's process documented in another post that I will fill you all in on later on....exciting stuff.
I'd love your feedback as always!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lunch Box love- Part 2

YO HO HO!!!!
For today's "Lunch Box love" I made my boys pirate notes. Last night after dinner we had some fun together doing origami and made the hats together, even my 3 yr. old daughter got into the action. I thought it would be fun to surprise them with their own handmade origami hats incorporated into the lunch box notes. I poked around my craft boxes and found some googly eyes, scraps of fabric for the bandana, and some trusty tinfoil to make an earring-"ARRRRR".  ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lunch Box Love

First off, Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!!

I am joining a little challenge suggested by the super talented Holli Conger. Any of you Mommies(and Daddies) out there would love it too! For this week we are doing a "A little Lunch Box Love Challenge", so drop by Holli's blog for all sorts of cute ideas and info.
I have sent little notes in my kiddies lunches every since my oldest, who is now 9 yrs. old, was in JK. Now with 3 in full time and one in half day nursery school 2 days a week, my morning routine in like a whirlwind. Getting 4 munchkins fed, dressed and out the door on time is no small feat, so most of the time my little notes are a quick sketch on an extra napkin, nothing as pretty as Holli's cute creations.
I am amazed at her ability to whip up something so cute and thoughtful so fast with a teeny newborn and daughter to get ready every morning! Way to go Holli!!!

So on Monday, which was Valentine's day, I sent each of my little men a box of 10 homemade love-heart cookies instead of a note. Yes, it is true what they say - the way to a little boy's heart is through his stomach too!! :)
All of my boys have severe anaphylactic food allergies to nuts, eggs and milk, so I baked safe cookies for them to bring to school to celebrate.

For today, I came up with these pop-out 3D notes with a foam hand cut-out to "High Five" my boys. I'm all about positive praise and reinforcement. It is sometimes tricky to come up with something that all 3 will enjoy as they are into very different things at there ages.  I also changed up the messages so that each one reflects their reading level. Nothing makes me more proud than to hear my little guy say "Mommy I read your note to me all by my 'sewf"', in his little-guy accent.
I hope they didn't get mangled before lunch ;). Now to start thinking up tomorrow's notes. 
Great idea Holli!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Website retweek

Hi everyone,
If you have been over at my new website, you may notice that did a little retweeking. I rearranged the layout of the "Home" page and changed the way the portfolio images are viewed. At first the portfolio images  opened up in a new window but I changed them to open in the same window for ease of navigation. I took the great advice form my friends in the zero2illo forum, and also moved up my image rotator on this page so that most of it is visible once you land on the page and then you don't have to scroll down to get the full image. I also decreased the height of my header as well, to help create more space for the image rotator. At the top are my favorite 2 of the 9 variations I came up with for a new header design. I know 9, yeah...totally type A of me- hahaha.
 I opted to go with the top header image. If you have a preference I'd love to hear it!:)
Now that the website is live I am looking forward to getting back to messing around with my plasticine and get creating. I have a project I hope to finish in a few weeks so stay tuned for updates.
Bye for now!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New website is LIVE!!!

I just launched my new portfolio website suzannedelrizzo.com. I had a few glitches but I think is up and running now.
I was hoping to get it up yesterday but we've had a nasty bout of stomach flu on a rampage thru the house and all the kids have come down with it ON SEPARATE DAYS!!! So this website launch has had to wait.
I hope you will all take a second to read through the content, and check out all of my images and if you notice any typo.s or have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to share!
Thanks hubby for being patient when I was frustrated and tired, you are the best! But I think it was worth all the work!;)
If anyone is thinking of creating their own website I highly recommend the Headway WP theme. It really made it easy once I got the hang of it.
Enjoy! Let me know what you think!!


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