Friday, September 30, 2011

Children's Book Rally Submission at Illustration Rally

Right now there is a Children's Book Rally going on over at Illustration Rally. To submit you could choose to illustrate 2 double page spreads of either an original story or an old classic. I chose to illustrate my take on the classic fable "Thumbelina"by Hans Christian Andersen. I love this fable and could relate to this character growing up as I was always the tiniest child in school.  Over the years I have grown to love being ...ummm...petite, not short, and now fully embrace my uniqueness.

I took this opportunity to create 2 double page spreads that show variations  in  layout, text placement composition, viewpoint and character emotion, yet maintained character continuity and artistic style.

My submission illustrations do not have the text included as the text was longer than the one or two sentence allowance within the submission guidelines. So above are the final double page spreads, including text.

 I am really enjoying checking out Illustration Rally each day to see what fabulous submission are posted. Go now and see for yourself!

I'd love your feedback as always and hope you enjoy my interpretation of Hans Christian Andersen's "Thumbelina".

P.S It looks like Illustration Rally has extended the deadline for submissions until Oct. 10th, so do head over to their site on the link above and enter!


JaneA said...

Wow! I really love the 3 dimensionality of your illustrations. They practically jump to life.

Stacia said...

Glad I checked in! Love what you're working on...

Shirley said...

Wow, Suzanne..the spreads are amazing. Wonderful work..and such a great contribution to Illustration Rally! I'm digging the vantage point of the 2nd spread..very cool!

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Thanks guys, I didn't win, but it was a really fun exercise.


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