Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Promo Packets

 My package from Moo arrived yesterday just in the nick of time!! WEEEEHOOOOO!! I love Moo's products and managed to get my order in during a Moo-wide 30% off sale!!

We are heading up to our family cottage for a week(then I am staying on for a few more days of art-time) and I wanted have all my supplies on hand to assemble my summer promo packet mailers during the quiet evenings up there.:)

 I went with 2 different postcard fronts as not all the publishers I am targeting like anthropomorphized animals. The backs are the same on both. I also had some minicards printed that I am going to make into bookmarks. Trying to go for a summer beach feel with these. So I am using hemp cord, and I am leaning toward using a shell instead of a regular bead, but I am not sure if it will survive the trip through the mail.

 Now I am just waiting for my vellum envelopes, which are due to arrive any second. I was going to go with clear self closing bags to hold my packet contents but it looks like there is an extra fee for sending any thing poly plastic through the mail! So I am going with translucent lovely vellum envelopes instead. Who doesn't looove the feel of vellum?? Am I right??

 Hopefully the yummy vellum will help my promo packets to stand out from the slush pile, and the translucency will grab the curiosity of the AD, leaving them wanting to see what's inside......I hope, fingers crossed!

I hope everyone has a good 2 weeks, and I will post once we are back from our summer holidays! :)
As always I'd love any feedback :)

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