Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Minicards as Bookmarks

I was very excited to see that my favorite printer MOO was offering a 30% off summer sale. Aren't there products just glorious? And I love their Printfinity option to get multiple images on the back of your products. Genius!What perfect timing, as I am in the midst of creating my summer promo mailers. So with a day to spare(as the sale ends tomorrow) I just finished placing my order. I created 2 different postcards and some minicards which I plan to fashion into cute little bookmarks. The above image is what will show on the back of my minicards, with my logo and info on the front. I am going to add a cute ribbon and bead detail at the top of each bookmark so it can easily keep ones spot in a favorite book of choice. You like?? I think I may be onto somethin' here...

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