Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kids Cake 2011

This past weekend we held our annual Birthday BBQ bash to celebrate the kids birthdays. For this year I decided to create a cake depicting the kids doing their favorite cottage activities. They have all grown such confidence and learned new skills this summer both in and around the water. They have learned new paddling skills, snorkeled with fins, attempted fancy dock jumps, caught bigger fish than Grandpa off the dock and even learned some new swim strokes. So I thought this theme would be a great idea to celebrate and showcase their achievements.  Here are some pictures of the cake:

"crazy dock jumper- cowabunga!!!"

"determined fisherman"

"paddle snatcher in the dingy"

"super-engine on the dingy"

It was fun to make and after multiple attempts I finally figured out a way to suspend my dock jumper in mid air. Ha! The figures were make out of modelling paste, so they could each eat their own after we sang "happy birthday". Can I just say how much I prefer plasticine to modelling paste! But all in all, it was really worth it to see their happy little faces smiling and pointing out their achievments to each other and to friends.


Doug Freeman said...

Woooow!! This is an incredible piece of work!! Just Awesome...!!!

Shirley said...

This is an amazing cake, Suzanne! It's been way toooo long between visits here my apologies!! I love your "stay" and I hope the mini cards turned out wonderfully! Hope all has been well in your world!

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Thanks so much Doug and Shirley!


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