Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Granny in the teepee Work-in-progress

Hi Everyone, I thought I'd share what I am currently working on. This illustration will have children in it as well, so far I have only completed the grandmother character. But as it was inspired by a special memory I thought it would be fun to share at this point.
As I said, this illustration was inspired by a specific fond memory I have of a grandmother-like family friend that joined my sister and I in our teepee, on one hot summer day. As  little girls my twin sis and I loved to goof around having fun in the backyard in our teepee playing cowboys and indians, or pirates(obviously we were so not girly-girls). My parent's dear friend Mrs. Margaret, as we lovingly called her, had come to visit. And being the proper english lady that she was, she would have a cuppa tea with my mom while they visited. Well one day when she was over, my sister and I asked if she would like to join us in our teepee. To our delight and surprise( and my mom's too) she slipped off her shoes with a smile, and quickly plopped herself down in our teepee, tea still in hand, to enjoy our company and tell us grand stories. According to my mom it what quite a sight to see. Sitting as prim and proper as possible with her tea cup and saucer squeezed into the little kiddie teepee with the two of us. We loved every minute of it, and we were so honoured that she joined us. We  love you and miss you Mrs. Margaret.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog sis! I remember Mrs. Margaret and the teepee well! Those were the days!


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