Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm on zero2illo!

Ok, I'm bursting with excitement to tell you that Jonathan Woodward, of the fabulous zero2illo website, has just  posted a new article in his Process of Illustration series featuring moi!! This is so, so exciting!  I am so honoured to have been asked by Jonathan to share my process for zero2illo. Zero2illo has been a HUGE part in my journey toward "going for it" and becoming an illustrator. It is such  a great go-to resource, where I feel such support and encouragement  not only by Jonathan and Lea but by the other great illustrators I have met through the z2i forum.
 I documented my process for the "Snow Angel" illustration I did for an Illustration Friday topic. I was so happy with it I ended up using it as a promo piece.
I know how much I love reading how other artists work and seeing their process. I  find them very inspiring and I always take away a little something, either a technique or idea to push my art further.
 I hope you find it interesting and  enjoy the post!

Thanks again Jonathan for the feature!!! :) 

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