Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lunch Box Love

First off, Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!!

I am joining a little challenge suggested by the super talented Holli Conger. Any of you Mommies(and Daddies) out there would love it too! For this week we are doing a "A little Lunch Box Love Challenge", so drop by Holli's blog for all sorts of cute ideas and info.
I have sent little notes in my kiddies lunches every since my oldest, who is now 9 yrs. old, was in JK. Now with 3 in full time and one in half day nursery school 2 days a week, my morning routine in like a whirlwind. Getting 4 munchkins fed, dressed and out the door on time is no small feat, so most of the time my little notes are a quick sketch on an extra napkin, nothing as pretty as Holli's cute creations.
I am amazed at her ability to whip up something so cute and thoughtful so fast with a teeny newborn and daughter to get ready every morning! Way to go Holli!!!

So on Monday, which was Valentine's day, I sent each of my little men a box of 10 homemade love-heart cookies instead of a note. Yes, it is true what they say - the way to a little boy's heart is through his stomach too!! :)
All of my boys have severe anaphylactic food allergies to nuts, eggs and milk, so I baked safe cookies for them to bring to school to celebrate.

For today, I came up with these pop-out 3D notes with a foam hand cut-out to "High Five" my boys. I'm all about positive praise and reinforcement. It is sometimes tricky to come up with something that all 3 will enjoy as they are into very different things at there ages.  I also changed up the messages so that each one reflects their reading level. Nothing makes me more proud than to hear my little guy say "Mommy I read your note to me all by my 'sewf"', in his little-guy accent.
I hope they didn't get mangled before lunch ;). Now to start thinking up tomorrow's notes. 
Great idea Holli!!

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