Friday, December 24, 2010

Big News!! I won 2nd place in the Toronto Star's Emerging Artist Contest!!

I am sooo excited to share with you my big news! A few weeks ago I submitted this plasticine illustration to the Toronto Star's Emerging Artists Contest, and to my delight I won 2nd place!!!! Weeehooooo!
If you can get your hands on a copy of today's paper (yes that is Dec 24th) check out page A32. There you'll see the full article and both my 2nd place illustration and the 3rd place illustration (way to go Kyle Tonkens!!). I want to send out a big congratulations to the 1st place winner, Kelley Turgeon, who's gorgeous impressionistic Toronto Streetcar graces the front page! Way to go Kelley!!

If you don't have access to the paper version you can also see the top 10 on the Toronto Star's Cover Art Article, and Online Gallery, just scrolled down and click on the Related- Art Cover contest top 10.

The theme for this years contest was "Winter Holidays in Toronto". I decided I did not want to do the typical iconic image of Toronto like the CN tower, skyline or Nathan Phillip's Square, I wanted to capture something iconic but unique. So I decided on the Distillery District because of it's beautiful architecture, and heritage. It has become quite a little neighbourhood now, with many of the old building being converted into lofts. I wanted to show Toronto's diversity too, so I incorporated different enthnicities, ages, and  lots of fun holiday activities.
This was a really fun and technically challenging piece. I haven't tackled this type of architecture before and I am pleased it turned out the way I had hoped. As always feedback and critiques are always welcome and appreciated.

As this year comes to a close, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to pop over to my blog, and for leaving such thoughtful and heart-warming comments. I really appreciate the time you choose to spend here with me- Thank-you! :)

I hope you all have a VERY Merry Christmas filled with happiness and laughter.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big news to share on December 24th!!!

I've been bursting with excitement and jumping around my kitchen like a silly goofball for the past few days. I've got some amazing, knock-my-socks off, news to share with you guys...but I can't until Dec. 24th...all I can say for now is to ask you to pleeeeeease go out and get yourselves a copy of The Toronto Star (if you live in the Greater Toronto Area) or check out The Toronto Star's   website on Christmas Eve day...yes that's Dec. 24th. I will post about my awesome news that day too! I can't wait to share it with you all!!!
Now back to my happy dance...lalalalala :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holli Conger's Illustrations Tips and a Giveaway!

I wanted to pass along an awesome draw! If you hurry, pop on over to Holli Conger's blog, and leave a comment or blog post, tweet, FB mention etc. to earn a spot in her fantabulous draw for a chance to win  a
3 month marketing consultation! That's right you heard me, you get a chance to bounce marketing ideas around and learn from Holli herself! I know how great would that be?!! And for this wonderful month of December yes every single day in December, Holli is posting her thoughts on a different illustration topic. So far they have been little golden nuggets of wisdom. I can't wait to see what awaits for the rest of the month. Thanks so much for sharing Holli!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

They Draw and Cook Feature

HI Everyone,
Yesterday my recipe for Christmas Tree Cupcake " Cake" was featured on They Draw and Cook. I didn't win favorite recipe of the day(bummer), but after seeing the adorable recipe sent by Wilma Sanchez, I don't mind..she totally rocked it! Her Forest Spice Cake  was so adorable and looked very yummy. Congrats Wilma!

I have been rather neglecting my blog as of late...sorry dear bloggyblog. I have been busy working on a piece for a Holiday themed contest and finally submitted it today- pheeewww. The deadline is tomorrow so I was getting really worried it wouldn't get finished on time. But after 3 late nighters in a row I managed to pull it off.
I wish I could show you guys the illustration, but I don't want to risk being disqualified for posting it here. So once they announce the winners, I'll fill you in more.

I hope everyones Christmas shopping, baking and festive gearing-up is going well, pheww... this is such a hectic time of year.  I am really looking forward to some quality time once the kiddies are off of school. Hopefully we'll get some snow. Areas just to our West, North and East got a humongous dumping of snow last week but we barely got a sprinkle. :( My hubby says to stop complaining as I'm not the one who does the shovelling- heehee

I do love a white Christmas.


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