Thursday, November 25, 2010

My submission for "They Draw & Cook Holiday Recipe Contest"

I just love the illustration/recipe blog They Draw and Cook. It is such a fun idea! And I find it not only has some fabulously yummy recipes served up, but the illustrations of those recipes are just so amazing and so varied that it really gets the creativity flowing and serves as some awesome inspiration!

 I was over on it the other day and noticed that they are holding a fun Holiday Recipe Contest. I thought, since I hadn't had a chance to send in a submission yet, that this would be the perfect time to do so, and the top winners could be featured on the Food Networks blog The FN dish. Well how is that for some great exposure! Count me in, it sounds fun, and the top 4 winners could even win some cash too-bonus!

Above is my submission. I even did the lettering in plasticine for a fun touch. What do you think?

I actually made 2 of these cupcake "cakes" for my kiddies classes 2 year ago. Here is a picture of one of them. Even the angel on top is edible(gum paste).

 As some of you know my children have various anaphylactic food allergies to milk, egg and nuts, so this is a recipe I have adapted that has become a staple in our house for birthday parties and anytime the kids need cake or cupcakes that are safe and yummy.

I thought it would be the perfect festive recipe for contest. If anyone wants to try it out yourselves for your kiddies, and have any questions please feel free to contact me, I can elaborate on the process if needed.

Now I'm in the mood to start my Christmas baking- yuuuuummm.


Ginny Baker said...

Hi Suzanne,

Just wanted to say that I am so happy to have found your blog! You do such wonderful work with clay illustration. I am a HUGE fan of Barbara Reid's and I've been dabbling in clay illustration for the past few years, but working in polymer clay rather than plasticene. I'm amazed at those of you who do such detailed work in plasticene. I would be so afraid of it not being permanent like the polymer clay is once baked. Worried that the finished piece would get smashed somehow!

I would love for you to check out my work and my blog. I've kind of let it die over the past months, but I'm hoping to revive it starting next week. You can also find some of my clay illustrations on my Facebook fan page and I have a polymer clay group I started on Facebook as well called Designing with Polymer Clay. I'll provide the links. :o)

Take care and happy claying!

Ginny Baker

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

HI Ginny,
Thanks so much for the wonderful message. It is so great to meet other plasticine/polymer clay illustrators. It's funny you should mention about the fear of something getting smooshed. I am always telling my kiddos...don't touch anything on my art could squish it!!!! I put everything in these pizza style boxes I got from Uline and that helps to keep them safe from little hands.

Thanks for the links, I look forward to checking them out! I must get onto Facebook soon :)

There are some other great dimensional illustrators that I have listed on my side bar. I bet you'll be totally inspired by them too! They're great.



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