Monday, August 30, 2010

A Mouse Cake and a Camouflage, Army Dude Cake!

We had our annual birthday BBQ for our children yesterday, and as with every year, I made special cakes for my kiddies. All 3 of my boys  have anaphylactic food allergies, so this is my special way of making something completely safe and special for them. And it is really fun to see their expressions and the hollers of delight as they bound down the stairs and burst into the kitchen to see what I have made for them.

This year the party also happened to coincide with my Aunt Sharon's birthday as well, so I decided to make a mouse cake for her and my daughter. My aunt collects mice and I thought it would be fun to try to make a cake just like the little mouse in my blog header. I thought it would be funny to have one rubber boot off with a bare foot, just as my daughter would do. I painted the fur using food colour paste, but I had to make this mouse brown as my black paste kept appearing pruple when diluted. Here is a close-up of the head.

She was a fun little mousy to make, and the little girls at the party seems very smitten with here. And my daughter and wonderful aunt liked it too. Yeahh!!!:)

This camouflaged, army dude, creeping on the ground was lots of fun too. I had made a tank last year and this year the boys had said they wanted an army man cake. They are really into history and anything army related, so I thought doing a sniper type guy(minus the gun of course!) creeping along the ground would be interesting. I had to do my research online for this one, and find some photo references of a "ghillie" suit. That is what they call those crazy, hairy-looking, leafy jackets that completely camouflaged them into their surrounding. Hmmm, I learned something new too-haha :)

Here is a picture of him from the back. I even included tread and laces on the boots...I just love details! My fingers and forearms are still a bit sore from pushing all that fondant thru my clay extruder, but I think the effect worked well, and the boys really loved it! A few people said I should open up a cake business (wow-thanks!), but I said it was just a hobby, as I would be absolutely stressed and worried, trying to delivery these cakes-ekk. I am quite the clumsy, goof at times. No thank-you, I think I'll stick to plasticine, as I can always correct that without having to start all over.

Now the kids are already thinking about next year....:) 


Shirley said...

Oh my GOODNESS, gracious!!! Wow, these are amaaaazing cakes, Suzanne! Your kids are lucky ones, that's for sure. I'm sure your boys were floored with the army guy, and that! Right out of "Ace of Cakes"!

Thank you so very much for your kind comment on the blog! I am delighted that you liked the bookplates..I had a ball painting those little ones. Let's for the background borders - I created them in Illustrator. Take the "elipse" tool, and select the color you want the circle to be and then make it about 1/3" in size. Then select the circle, hold the option and shift keys down, and then drag the circle and move it so that it falls right next to the first one, the command "D" and keep duplicating them until you have a uniform row. Then select all circles in that row; hold the shift and option keys down while dragging the entire row downward..duplicate the rows and then you have the dot background. Once you have that background, you can place a rectangle over them, color the rectangle and add the stroke and you've got a "label"...hope this makes sense! : ) Let me know if you run into any problems.

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Thanks a bunch!!!
I have printed it out and can't wait to try it! And it doesn't sound to hard at all!
You're the best!!
I haven't even really begun to use the short cut keys yet...BUT I am having fun playing around with it and learning more every time! I really appreciate the info!!
I can't wait to give it a try.

And thank-you for the ultra cool compliment about the cakes! I love "Ace Of Cakes", Duff and the gang crack me up! And of course there cakes rock!!

Shirley said...

Oh you're so welcome. I'm glad to be of help..once you get the swing of those little tools, it's'll be designing away! Take care and by the way, Immovable turned out wonderfully!! Great expression!!

Julissa said...

Oh my gosh! You are so talented with those cakes. How on earth do you manage to get all of those details in there? Wow! I'm blown away :P Happy birthday to your little one.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I hope your kids have fun coloring them in. We're having so much fun with the group and trying to challenge each other every month and also hoping to inspire others ;) Best! Julissa :)

nina seven said...

very impressive works of cake art, suzanne! you must have a ton of patience! thanks so much for your lovely comments on our blog post over at we love to illustrate. We really appreciate it!

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Thanks Julissa and Nina for the visit and the kind words! Yuur new group blog really is such fun. I look forward to each month to see what new ideas you will share! It just keeps getting better!

little papercuts said...

Suzanne, those are AWESOME!!! Can you come make some birthday cakes for me:) You are so talented!

Kelly said...

Suz, love your blog!!!When I first saw the mouse cake, I knew it was from your header and scrolled up to confirm, then saw that you wrote that further on. I recognized those boots!
Love the cakes, love the illos..I had heard the cakes were unbeleivable from my gang and Im sorry I missed seeing them. They tasted good though!!!You are a very talented lady-think I might need you to give me a couple of beginnner lessons on the plasticine. MAybe Ill blow away my teachers college progs!??

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Hi Kel,
Thanks for the visit and the compliments! Yes the cakes were a big hit with the kids- yippeee! I'm glad to hear Teacher's college is going well! I can give you a demo anytime you like! As long as we get to have a cup of tea and a visit too :)heeheee

Stacia said...

Love those cakes! Art you can eat :) I like that.

Anonymous said...

your cakes r amazing< was the army guy all cake?? the arms, legs & head//


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