Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playing with Polymer Clay

I have been wanting to try out polymer clay again for ages. I used to use it exclusively a few years ago, but was frustrated by how stiff it was and how I always felt like I was fighting with it. Not anymore!!! After some helpful input from some amazing clayers like Paula Pindroh and Gera Scott Chandler, I have discovered Premo, which is a much softer brand of Sculpey polymer clay, and the wonders of the clay conditioning press(very much like a pasta machine) which helps to warm up, mix and roll clay nice and thin. 

I bought a few blocks of Premo(they have some gorgeous colour too) once my clay press arrived in the mail, and gave it a whirl the other evening.
Here is the result of my first attempt....I tried using the same techniques I use with plasticine, with some success :). I  find the polymer clay to be less soft, and more "rubbery" and therefore it doesn't allow you to smear it and blend with my sculpting tools like I can with plasticine.   That's OK though, it is a completely different material, so it will just take some adaptation and some "playing around with it" to see what works.

I like that it it is curable by baking it in your oven. And Gera has shared how to go about adhering uncured polymer clay to stretched canvases, then baking it (canvas included) in the oven. This is something I'd definitely like to explore.

Many of the links I have under Dimensional Illustrators over on the right do polymer clay illustration...they are all so talented and amazing...if you get a chance check some of them out, they are very inspiring.:)


Louise said...

Wow! I love that. I allready liked illustrations of children books in placticine but artwork with poly clay , just lovely.

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Hi Louise,
Thanks so much for the kind words! It will definitely take me a little while to get the hang of polymer clay again and adapt my techniques, but I am eager for the challenge and enjoy having another dimensional medium to explore.
Thanks for visiting:)


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