Thursday, July 29, 2010


"Double Trouble" turns into "Quintuple trouble"!

This weeks Illustration Friday topic is "double". The first thing that popped into my head was twins and the "double trouble" they can get I thought this plasticine illustration I did for my good friend a while back, would be perfect. She has 5 great kids...the last 2 were twins!! She is one great mommy, who is a master multi-tasker. She even chronicles some of her hilarious family stories on her blog Five All Mine.

In this illustration the twin are in the middle goofing around with the rest of her that is double trouble...maybe even quintuple trouble!!! I'm sure all of us with kiddies can relate to this one!
Enjoy :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

My first Illustration Friday- Breakfast!

"Ohhhhh, look Wilbur... mmmmmmuffins for breakfast!!"

I have wanted to start taking part in IF for a while now, and worked late last night to get one done in time. I doubt I will be able to participate every week, but it is a great way to get the creative juices flowing, and add portfolio pieces :)
 My take on "Breakfast" is a cute little girl with a head full of unruly curls(bed head-heehee) sharing  yummy blueberry muffins with her beloved teddy, Wilbur. I tried to use a limited soft palette of colours, and lots of fluffy, and soft textures. 

I hope you enjoy, and it reminds of you when you were little and loved having breakfast with your favorite furry friends(real or stuffed) :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playing with Polymer Clay

I have been wanting to try out polymer clay again for ages. I used to use it exclusively a few years ago, but was frustrated by how stiff it was and how I always felt like I was fighting with it. Not anymore!!! After some helpful input from some amazing clayers like Paula Pindroh and Gera Scott Chandler, I have discovered Premo, which is a much softer brand of Sculpey polymer clay, and the wonders of the clay conditioning press(very much like a pasta machine) which helps to warm up, mix and roll clay nice and thin. 

I bought a few blocks of Premo(they have some gorgeous colour too) once my clay press arrived in the mail, and gave it a whirl the other evening.
Here is the result of my first attempt....I tried using the same techniques I use with plasticine, with some success :). I  find the polymer clay to be less soft, and more "rubbery" and therefore it doesn't allow you to smear it and blend with my sculpting tools like I can with plasticine.   That's OK though, it is a completely different material, so it will just take some adaptation and some "playing around with it" to see what works.

I like that it it is curable by baking it in your oven. And Gera has shared how to go about adhering uncured polymer clay to stretched canvases, then baking it (canvas included) in the oven. This is something I'd definitely like to explore.

Many of the links I have under Dimensional Illustrators over on the right do polymer clay illustration...they are all so talented and amazing...if you get a chance check some of them out, they are very inspiring.:)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Arrrrr matey...

I did a few rough sketches last night for a portfolio series idea. I have so many family photos of my boys dressed up as pirates, so I thought, that would be a great theme for a series of portfolio illustrations that show continuity of character, different perspectives, and different facial expressions. Luckily, my boys are always very willing to pose and goof around for me, so I have live models to use for reference photos or sketching. I can't get anymore real then that! Hopefully that will help me to fully capture children's true inner sparkle.

I can't wait to clean them up, and get on to the final sketches then start the plasticine illo.s....

I'd love any crit.s or suggestions as always :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jumpin' into the Digital World

Guess what just arrived in the mail!!! My very own Adobe Creative Suite CS 5. I am giddy with anticipation to delve in and get cracking...I know it is going to be a work in progress, as there is a humongous learning curve, but it is a program that is used by everyone to some degree in this business, so I might as well learn it while I am just starting out. 

Did you know that if you are a student or a teacher you can purchase Adobe products through there Adobe Education Store for North America and if you qualify you can purchase products at a HUGE discount...we're talking 80% off!!!! Holy mackerel!!! When I came across this amazing info I just about fell off my computer chair!
So if you are STILL a student go and buy your software NOW before you graduate! And if you are lucky enough to have a wonderful hubby who happens to be a Vice Principal (moi) then you are in luck too!!!

My hubby jokes that I am fused to the keyboard of my computer right now, as I am having trouble tearing myself away..hahaha. Adobe has some great tutorials and I know I will be using that HELP feature about every 5 or so seconds at first to figure things out.

Wish me luck!!!
And if anyone has any great tips please through them my way :)

Now...what to do...hmmmm
Wait!...can't...remove...fingers....from...keyboard...stuck....send....caffeinated beverages....and....reinforcements for kiddies.....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ahhh... summer time...

We were up at the cottage for the past few days, soaking up the glorious sunshine and keeping cool in this crazy heat(43C- with the humidity- wheeewww). My munchkins were in the water the ENTIRE time...I think they may have grown webbing between their toes!

It was such a nice break after the hectic school year. There's nothing like some fresh air, outdoor play time and cool, fresh water to tire out my gang and have them sleep like logs, to awake refreshed with smiles on their little faces :)

My boys looooove getting "action" shots of them jumping off the dock. Here is one of the best, it's tricky with my little point and shoot camera . My youngest wouldn't jump off the dock but she did end up going in the water and assembled quite a large rock collection for a wee-one. 

Each one made really great progress in the water; learning new floats, swimming, jumping further down the dock, - they are a brave little bunch! I can't wait to get up there again soon!

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far...and that it is filled with good times with friends and family, to create some lasting memories. :)


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