Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where did May go???

Wow, didn't May just fly by...like at lightening speed?? I feel like I have been in fast forward juggling a million things. There are always end of year permission forms, allergy/asthma forms(my sons have anaphylactic allergies and asthma), school registration forms etc. etc....I've had such a hand cramp!  And that is even before I get started on my artwork- geeeesh!!
Well, the end of year teacher gifts are coming along, but not a quickly as I would like. It took a little longer than anticipated to make all of my alphabet letter blocks. I wanted them to look authentic, so they are made in the correct colours(of my set any way) and to scale. I hope they look OK, trying to get plasticine strips to stay sharp and straight was a technical headache, but I am happy with the result :)
 Now for the really fun part! For each illo. I am going to create a different bunch of characters playing around, assembling and climbing each letter pyramid. (If you are a teacher friend please keep this post our little secret OK-wink wink)
I sure hope they like them!

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