Monday, June 14, 2010

More Ripples...

With all the momentum that Kelly Light's Ripple blog has gathered, I thought I'd jump back on the wave and donate another illo. This one is a cropped version of one I did last year, but I thought it was fitting.

And Ripple is featured on Illustration Friday this week! What a great way to bring the Ripple blog to the attention of many more in the online illustration community.

 Kelly has raised $1500 last time I checked- amazing!!!

Way to go illustrators!!!


Shirley said...

Can I just say, "WOW!". I gasped when i saw are so very talented...this is a gorgeous piece. Kudos to you for your efforts for the cause.

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

HI Shirley,
Thanks so much for the compliment!! :) This is one of my all time favs. It was also a teacher gift last year. I am so glad Kelly Light started up feels great to be able to contribute in some small way and try to make a little bit of a difference.


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