Friday, May 21, 2010

Up to the cottage we go.....

Well, the day is finally here....after hours of packing and organizing, and ticking of my big list, we are finally heading north to the cottage. The above photo is 3 out of my 4 kiddos on the dock last summer. They are so excited that they have been busy packing their "treasures" in their little backpacks since the beginning of the week. So cute. Lets hope the rain in the forcast is only a sprinkle, and they can get out to enjoy. I packed full rain-gear just in case.
I can't even bring any of my plasticine illo.s to work on. I don't want to risk a big smoosh accident during transit. Just have to bring my sketch book I guess.
Wishing my fellow Canucks a Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend!
Now to tackle the dreaded drive north in rush hour traffic.....oh toys -check, snacks -check, extra-strength advil -check, patience -double check. ;)

1 comment:

creativemom2 said...

wow do those pictures of Muskoka bring back memories.. They are so beautiful. Great job capturing the beauty.


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