Monday, May 31, 2010

Featured on... Balance My Life

I have some very exciting news!!! I have been featured  in a great online women's magazine called Balance My Life. This magazine focuses on how to "balance your life" with all that today's multitasking  moms  face in their hectic lives. I know I have fallen into the conundrum of putting everyone and everything before myself. I think as moms we often selflessly put ourselves on the bottom of the priority list. This magazine reminds us that we are also women who deserve to give ourselves some ME time and have fun, and strive to reach important goals for our own personal growth and fulfillment.  It features great advice, inspirational articles, entrepreneurial tips and fun girly events to encourage us to include ourselves in the equation and reclaim our spot in that family balance. After all, a well balanced, happy mommy makes for a better mommy, wife and family unit.

I wrote an article about my journey of self discovery during my years as a stay at home mom and the decision to change careers and go into Children's Book Illustration. It is featured in the WORK section entitled Go For It- Second Career.

I want to send a big "Thank You" to Kenda Blum, the founder of Balance My Life , for the opportunity to write this article for her magazine. She is a creative dynamo to be admired as she also runs the web design and print company Kiwibcreative, and is a busy, now that is multitasking at its finest. :-)

So.... if any of you mommies out there are nodding in agreement as you read this post, and want to get some great ideas about how to achieve more "balance"(don't we all??)....DO pop over to their site and check it'll love it! :)


Shirley said...

Congratulations, Suzanne! What a great post, and site..thank you for the introduction to it..I will be checking it out a lot, I'm sure. And super duper congrats about your having joined the critique group. I know you will get lots of good feedback and this illustration community is so giving and warm. I am so happy that you popped by so that I can see your amazing plasticine children's art. That is SO inspired. I wish you all the best - I know you will make it in the industry as you have that passion..I can tell. Thank you for the "force"! But wow, you have boys..that is harder, I hear! Have a wonderful summer to come.

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Thanks Shirley!!:) Wow, it REALLY means a lot to have such a positive, enthusiastic response from someone so talented and accomplishes as yourself- it really made my day!:-)
I hope you have a wonderful summer too.....I just hope we can get lots of outside time, to let the kis run free and burn off all that energy.....and here I thought finally having a girl would be easier, but she is as full of beans as the boys...monkey see monkey do I guess...haha
I'm off to go splish-splash in the kiddie pool...

Jack Foster said...

Congrats Suzanne! A wonderful article and very inspired. Your artwork and style are so cool! Love that textured/3D stuff.

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Jack, thank-you so much for the kind words! :)


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