Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Sketch

I did this quick little sketch the other night, with the thoughts of spring dancing in my head. I was outside a bunch this weekend playing in the backyard with my "little ones", as the weather was so great. Doesn't the smell of spring, and the teeny chirping birds put everyone is such a good mood? It works for me!! My daughter was the inspiration for this piece as she just loves to clomp around in her pink rubber boots, no matter what she's wearing. And she is a magnet to puddles, so I gladly support her footwear choice!!

 I thought I'd do a "work-in-progress" post to show my process of doing a plasticine illustration. So stay tuned in the days to come for that! I think I may use this as a new header for my blog. My daughter is busy playing with the playdoh, and making me playdoh hamburgers and spagetti...yum! Gotta go, our tea party and yummy imaginary feast is about to begin! ;)


Beth said...

Suzanne, I had to smile at the mention of pink rubber boots, as I remember those in our house too. This and your sketch also made me think of "red is best", which I'm sure you've read to the kids! (and if not, we still have a well worn and taped copy we can share!)
Best wishes with your endeavours. I consider myself lucky to have several of your 'earlier generation' pieces of art in our home - see, we knew you'd be a success!

Suzanne Del Rizzo said...

Beth, thanks so much for poppin' over to my new blog and checking it out!! You, Doug, and the girls have always been such great friends! I can't wait to get up north again and see you guys soon! :)


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