Thursday, April 15, 2010

The lollipops saved the day

I did this plasticine series for a friend of mine who has 5 great kids.  I am sure anyone with one or more children close in age, can totally relate to this dilemma. Why is it, that once you focus a camera on a set of otherwise happy-go-lucky children, and yell "ok....everyone say ...stinky cheeeeese", suddenly, as if someone flicked an invisible switch, everyone goes bonkers.... arms and legs are flying in a tangled mess of hollering kids?? I just don't get it?? Thank goodness digital cameras were invented. Now, at least we can delete those 50-100 doozies and keep that one golden gem of a shot that makes you melt.
If you look closely you will see that in the first illo the hubby is waving a hand filled with red lollipops to use as bribery...heehee...haven't we all resorted to this sort of thing at one point?? At least we can all laugh and find comfort in the fact that we are not alone in our sweaty, migraine-inducing, frustrating quest for that perfect family photo.
I know my friend got a good chuckle, and it was a blast to create for her. She writes a hilarious blog that chronicles the daily life of a busy mom. If you get a chance, DO check it out at "Five All Mine".

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Kelly said...

Great post!!!!Your site looks great, Suz! Thanks for the shout out, I had over 30 visitors from your site today!
K xo


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